2017 Global shielding Yogo production volume prospect 1.89 billion Square rice

Shade cloth have been more than 80 years of history in foreign countries, has been widely used in some developed countries. In recent years, due to the trend of global warming is even more obvious, coupled with Australia, the United States and other countries of the UV strong, making the growing demand for awning.

The "Global Awnings Fabric Market by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022" released by Globalinforesearch shows that the production of Awnings Fabric is about 180 million Sqm in 2016 all around the world. And the global Awnings Fabric market size in terms of production is projected to grow to 242 million Sqm by 2022 from 189 million Sqm in 2017 (estimated), with a CAGR 5.10%. Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America are remarkable in the global Awnings Fabric industry because of their market share and technology status of Awnings Fabric.

On the basis of product, the Awnings Fabric market is primarily split into Canvas Awning Fabrics, Acrylic Awning Fabrics, Vinyl Awning Fabrics, Polyester Fabrics and Others. In 2016, Acrylic Awning Fabric dominates the market with 45% marke.