Global Ferrite Magnets Market Analysis

At present, in developed countries, the Ferrite Magnets industry is generally at a more advanced level. The world's large enterprises are mainly concentrated in Japan and China. Meanwhile, foreign companies have more advanced equipment, strong R & D capability, and leading technical level. However, foreign companies’ manufacturing cost is relatively higher, compared with Chinese companies. With the development of Chinese Ferrite Magnets production technology, their share in the international market is increasing, and competitiveness in the international market gradually increases.
China’s Ferrite Magnets industry has developed into a national wide status with certain research and production capacity, industry product mix has gradually improved, currently. China has become a large international consumption country of Ferrite Magnets, but the production technology is relatively laggard to produce some low-end product. Although the new production lines are increasing, and the high-end product is still relying on import.

There are many small size manufacturers in this industry. The global Ferrite Magnets industry has reached a production volume of approximately 1024 K Tonne in 2016. The global Ferrite Magnets industry has reached the production value of approximately 3573 million USD in 2016. The key manufacturers include TDK, Hitachi Metals, DMEGC, JPMF, TDG, HEC GROUP, VACUUMSCHMELZE, MAGNETICS, KaiYuan Magnetism Material, FDK, Acme Electronics and Nanjing New Conda Magnetic Industrial Co.,Ltd.
With the rapid growth of the national economy as well as the rapid development of downstream industries, consumer electronics product keep stable growth in china, the automobile electronics is also growing in the downturn global economy situation. Chinese Ferrite Cores market demand is exuberant, which provide a good opportunity for the development of Ferrite Cores market and technology.