Daylight Fluorescent Pigments industry was 203.04 million USD in 2016

According to GIR,the Daylight Fluorescent Pigments industry was 203.04 million USD in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 319.80 million USD by 2021, at a CAGR of 9.51% between 2016 
and 2021. The industry is high concentration, the key brand include Day-Glo Color Corp (RPM International), Dane Color (RPM International), Radiant Color N.V (RPM International), UKSEUNG, SINLOIHI(DAI NIPPON TORYO), Huangshan Jiajia Science And Technology, China wanlong chemical, Lynwon Group, J Color Technologies, Vicome Corp, and so on.
The migration of the Daylight Fluorescent Pigments business to Asia, particularly China 
and India, continues. Since the mid-1990s, production in China and India has rapidly increased; China is now the world's largest Daylight Fluorescent Pigments producer. Additional medium-tier to higher-value Daylight Fluorescent Pigments also migrates to China from North America, Europe and Japan. Production in Europe, USA and Japan continues on a downward trend as the market has become globalized and gross margins have been squeezed.
To Daylight Fluorescent Pigments global application, in 2015, paints & coatings industry account for 25% of demand, printing inks industry about 52%, plastics industry about 19% and other industries such as cosmetics for the remainder. The printing market for publication of newsprint and periodicals has fallen as a result of competition from the internet, but demand for printing inks for packaging remains strong.