The Global Consumption Value of MariCucts Rises up from 835.49 million USD in 2011 to

First, as for the global maritime fender industry, the most production value share is led by several giants. The giant Trelleborg, which has 11.42% market share in 2015, is the leader in the maritime fender industry, followed by Bridgestone and Sumitomo Rubber.
Second, in America and Europe market, mergers and acquisitions is the mainstream, which is an indicator for the maturity of this regional market. Asia market is led by Japanese manufacturers, along with the main ship building industry in Japan, Korea and China, however, industry transfer is obvious from Japan to China and other southeast countries, like Indonesia.

Third, the global Consumption value of maritime fender products rises up from 835.49 million USD in 2011 to 926.48 million USD in 2015. Main reasons for this growth contribute to the prosperous shipping market, deep sea oil & gas exploration and investments in port infrastructure.
Fourth, China maritime fender industry has developed quickly in the past ten years, along with port infrastructure, ship building industry and high level import & export activities. Matured rubber related industry, a complete supply chain and huge consumption market, are all factors that witnessed this development.