Nickel Powder Market by Manufacturers in 2017

First, as for the global Nickel Powder industry, the industry structure is not concentrated. The top 5 manufacturers have 42.67% sales revenue market share in 2016. The Vale which has 14.12% market share in 2016, is the leader in the Nickel Powder industry. The manufacturers following MMC Norilsk Nickel, and BHP Billiton Ltd, which respectively has 10.82% and 7.54% market share globally.
Second, the global consumption of Nickel Powder products rises up from 153500 Tonnes in 2012 to 170740 Tonnes in 2014, while decrease from 170740 to 144683 Tonnes because the overcapacity and nickel ore prices fluctuate. At the same time, the revenue of world Nickel Powder sales market has a leap from 3178 M dollars to 3719 M USD, then decrease to 2588 M USD.
Third, as for the Southeast Asia Nickel Powder market, it will still show optimistic trend, and technological trends in the market will shift dramatically. Downstream stainless steel market volatility on the price of nickel powder the greatest impact
Fourth, market growth for Nickel Powder is expected to grow at an average of 1.23% from 2017-2022, reaching 2621.94 million USD by 2022.