Inkjet Marking Coding Machines Market Analysis 2016

Currently, The industry concentration is not high, the technical barriers and financial barriers of Inkjet Marking Coding Machines are also not high. The companies in the world that produce Inkjet Marking Coding Machines mainly concentrate in USA, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India. Raw materials are also concentrated in these regions. In particular, as the market leader in Inkjet Marking Coding Machines, Videojet take the global market share of about 5.47% in 2016, other key manufacturers include Markem-Imaje, Weber Marking, Zanasi, Squid Ink Manufacturing, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems, Ebs Ink Jet Systeme, Kortho, Domino Printing Sciences, Kba-Metronic, Iconotech, Anser Coding, ITW, Matthews Marking Systems, Control Print, ID Technology and Beijing Hi-Pack Coding. The sales of Inkjet Marking Coding Machines increased from 697220 Unit in 2014 to 863590 Unit in 2016, with an average growth rate of more than 11.93%.
In consumption market, the growth rate of global consumption is stable. USA, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India are still the mainly consumption regions, due to the advanced production technology and rapid development of economy. The global market for Inkjet Marking Coding Machines is expected to reach about 2873.03 M USD by 2022 from 2080.86 M USD in 2016.
Inkjet Marking Coding Machines can be classified as two types, such as CIJ and DOD. Survey results showed that 67.11% of the Inkjet Marking Coding Machines market is CIJ, 32.89% is DOD,  in 2016. With the development of economy, Countries increasingly stringent requirements,these country will need more Inkjet Marking Coding Machines. So, Inkjet Marking Coding Machines has a huge market potential in the future.