Global Electronic Expansion Valves Revenue Was Estimated $ 324.99 Million In 2016

The Electronics Expansion Valves are mainly used in the inverter air conditioner. According to GlobalInfoResearch, the total market is about 48 million units in 2016. In 2012, the volume of inverter Electronic Expansion Valves was about 25 million units. With the implementation of inverter air conditioner energy efficiency standards in 2013 in China, also, with the promotion of the comfort requirements, it greatly stimulated the development of electronic expansion valve market. The market increase sharply in China. Nowadays, the production capacity of electronics expansion valves in global market is about 55 million units. For the applications of Electronic Expansion Valves, products for household inverter air-condition and commercial air-condition are the main market driven engine for industry production volume.

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Worldwide, China is the largest market of Electronic Expansion Valves, both in production and consumption market, while China is the largest contributor. It is estimated that China accounts for 64.46 % of the industry total production and consumes about 65.29 % of industry total consumption volume.

On the consumption market of Electronic Expansion Valves, the global total consumption volume is equal to the global total production volume, as we do not take the inventory issue into consideration and consider production volume as sales volume. As to the market revenue of Electronic Expansion Valves, the global revenue was estimated about $ 324.99 million in 2016, and the figure is forecasted to reach about $ 452.90 million by the end of 2022.

The price gap is relatively large of electronics expansion valves between different companies.SANHUA, Fujikoki, DunAn, Saginomiya mainly supply electronics expansion valves to the home inverter air conditioner manufactures. While, Danfoss, Parker, Emerson, Castel, these player mainly supply electronics expansion valves to the commercial inverter air conditioner (power>4HP) manufactures. But these companies sales volume is in small-scale sales with high price. These companies are often integrated enterprise valve manufacturer. They have advanced technology and rich production line. The generally price range is between 160$/unit to 450 $/unit, which does not include the price of the controller and sensors.

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